NRA Carry Guard. Lawful self-defense is your right. Protect yourself. Get the answers to what happens next.

If you're ever forced to use a firearm in lawful self-defense and think the worst is behind you, think again.

That's because the fight of your life may just be beginning.

And what you say and do in the minutes following a self-defense incident will make the critical difference between a friendly encounter with police and years of legal bills, civil suits – and perhaps even jail time.

That's right.

Make a mistake in what you say and do following a self-defense incident and you'll be facing years of trial lawyers… legal proceedings… civil lawsuits… and possibly criminal prosecution.

An endless legal nightmare you do not deserve.

But the good news is you can help protect yourself.

NRA Carry Guard shows you how through their FREE, easy-to-read guide – SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH OF A SELF-DEFENSE SHOOTING.

Written in consultation with experts in the field, your FREE guide answers the critical questions that will help protect your life savings and save your freedom. Answers to questions like:

  • What do I do with my gun after the incident?
  • How do I ensure my safety?
  • Should I hold the suspect at gunpoint?
  • How much should I say to the police?
  • What should I say to bystanders?

All these questions and more are answered in your FREE guide. And best of all, there is no obligation to downloading your guide today. It won't cost you a penny.

But it just may save you tens of thousands of dollars and even jail time if – God forbid – you're forced to use a firearm in lawful self-defense.

NRA Carry Guard is America's strongest self-defense insurance program and training for those who carry a gun, or simply keep a gun for security at their home or office.

And now NRA Carry Guard is making their all-new guide – SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH OF A SELF-DEFENSE SHOOTING – available to you FREE if you act now.

So don't wait. Download your FREE guide today. Arm yourself with the facts.

It may save you more than your money – it may save your freedom

Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association

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