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For the rest of your life, you can take enormous pride in what you helped NRA achieve on Election Day, 2016.

You and the nearly five million members of the NRA - along with tens of millions of gun owners who followed your lead - achieved a truly historic and heroic victory that freedom-loving Americans will remember for the next hundred years.

Hillary Clinton made her hatred for the Second Amendment a central issue of this campaign. The disgraceful media tried to suppress your enthusiasm and your vote. But in the face of bitter and despicable attacks, you stood tall. In North Carolina, in Florida, in Pennsylvania, Ohio and more, you swung this election and sent Donald Trump to the White House.

And believe me, NRA didn't hold back. Instead, we spent every single dollar we could muster, because a Hillary Clinton presidency and the final destruction of our Second Amendment rights was not an option.

If I'd socked away your 2016 gifts for a rainy day - and we'd lost this election by a nose - you'd never have forgiven me. And I would have never forgiven myself.

That's why we went for broke and left it all on the field. But NRA is now flat on its back financially. And I need your immediate help to get NRA back on its feet for the battles still headed our way.

For eight long years, we've been moving closer and closer to an elite-run, elite-dominated society with one set of freedoms for the rich and powerful, and another set of freedoms for regular folks.

This election proved that the American people are ready to take their country back. To ensure a pro-freedom majority on the Supreme Court. To root out entrenched anti-gun bureaucrats. To roll back eight years of Obama's freedom-killing regulations. To pass National Right to Carry Reciprocity. To take back our streets from criminals and gangs. To end the horror of "gun-free zones" where criminal madmen and terrorists can destroy innocent lives unchallenged.

Now is our chance to get freedom back on the rails and reclaim the ground we've lost. But we only get one chance.

That's why I need you to help rebuild NRA immediately by extending your membership for an additional year or even two years today.

If you do - and as our way of thanking you for your badly-needed support right now, I'm ready to offer you a full year of membership for just $25 - a full $15 off our regular rate. Or, choose a two-year membership for just $45 - a full $25 off our regular two-year rate.

This one-time offer is NRA's best renewal deal in years. But because of these extraordinary discounts, I can only hold this offer open for four days.

This offer will expire at midnight, Saturday, November 19th.

You and I have won a great victory. But to secure freedom for the next generation, we must face the challenges ahead with the same strength and courage that enabled us to win this election.

I know you're ready for the challenge and I'm counting on you to help rebuild NRA for the battles ahead. Please renew your membership at these one-time discount rates by midnight Saturday, November 19th.

Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to FREEDOM!

Wayne LaPierre Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre

Executive Vice President

National Rifle Association 11250 Waples Mill Rd Fairfax, VA. 22030

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